BBT has been created by Ari Grossman, a young personal trainer, who is committed to make a difference in people's health and well being. When Ari was in the fifth grade, he weighed 180 pounds standing as a four foot eleven child. His parents choose to send him to a fitness camp the summer going into the sixth grade in hope it would build confidence in Ari's life. At this fitness camp, he lost twenty pounds over the span over four weeks. He returned to the camp in the proceeding years, where he later became a mentor for the other kids at the camp. Inspiration behind BBT is directly connected to his transformation.

The quality of your life will change directly out of your participation in training with Ari. Between the diet program he will customize for his client, the one on one training, and the daily integrity check ups, you will find yourself loving what it means to be healthy.

ari grossman


1 Hour Training Session, $35

Diet Plan, $15

Full Package Week,$60

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I saw differences in my body in five sessions of working with Ari!
— Yazna
I want to thank you for having me fall in love with fitness, and now I find myself helping others achieving their own goals.
— Briar
I have taken off 4% body fat, and gained 10 pounds of muscle mass working with Ari, thank you!
— Chris
My first session with Burn. Build. Tone. was a total success. It opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thanks, Ari!
— Nathan